VibroSORB Nahrungseränzung für Tiere

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VibroSORB Nahrungseränzung für Tiere



  • Boosts immune system
  • Toxin absorption
  • Micro organism absorption (bacteria, viruses)
  • Stimulation of antioxidant enzymes
  • Stimulates stronger bones
  • Efficient conversion
  • Increased apetite and body weight
  • Reduced ammonia
  • Absorption of hydrogen sulfid
  • Increase ion exchange capacity
  • Significant drugs reduction
  • Elimination of micotoxins and dioxin


Four elements are collaborating millions of years to shape and deliver natural minerals. Natural reactions between condensed steam and volcanic oceans in specific geological conditions have delivered one of the most precius natural gem's – a mineral called Zeolite.

VibroSORB's zeolitic framework absorbs mercury, arsenic, cadmium, strontium, chromium, lead, aluminum, ammonia, radioactive substances, UV radiation, components of viruses and other harmful substances. Using an unique principles of ion exchange Vibro Sorb binds toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances and eject them from the body through feaces, urine and sweat.

VibroSORB binds mycotoxins from fungi of which most harmful are aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1 and G2); Zeolite absorbs aflatoxins about 90 – 100 percent!



The chemical composition is expressed in %

SiO2:65,30 %

AI2O3 : 10,80 %

Fe2O3 : 4,10 %

MgO : 19 %

P2O5 : 0,04 %

CaO : 1,24 %

Na2O 0,18 %

Humidity : 5,13 %, Solubility in Water : Insoluble

Sare of heavy metals and elements in trace : Lead (PB) <0,25 mg/kg, arsenic (As) < 0,100 mg/kg, Cadmium (Cd) < 0,025 ng/kg, Mercury (Hg) < 0,100 mg/kg, Bluoride (F) 0,22 mg/kg

The test report no. 14/5664, CROATIAKONTOLA Ltd. For control of food, Euroinspekt


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